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Mein Werdegang

Mein Name ist Nora und ich bin im Herzen des Ruhrgebiets geboren und aufgewachsen - in einer kleinen Stadt namens Hattingen. Obwohl ich im schönen Pott tief verwurzelt bin, haben mich Abenteuer immer schon angezogen. Reisen gehört ebenso zu meinem Leben, wie meine geliebten Hunde. 

Ich habe den größten Teil meiner Karriere im Bereich Marketing und Eventmanagement in den Bereichen Kunst und Sport verbracht, bevor ich in die unternehmerische Welt wechselte.

2015 befand ich mich in einem Job mit dem ich zutiefst unglücklich war und den ich schlussendlich kündigte. Ohne Aussicht auf etwas unmittelbar Neues, habe ich mich auf Reise begeben. Nach drei Monaten und 23 Staaten in den USA, endete mein Trip mit der Mitgründung dass ich Mitinhaber von From Fat to Finish Line in Los Angeles wurde. Seit 2017 arbeite ich zusätzlich bei Setlog, einem Bochumer Technologieunternehmen, wo ich das digitale Marketing des Unternehmens entwickelt habe. Im selben Jahr begann ich, das Thema Community Building vor allem in der Marketing- und Start-up-Welt zu verbreiten. Seitdem stehe ich auf zahlreichen Bühnen und spreche vor unterschiedlichem Publikum über meine wahre Community-Leidenschaft. Anfang 2019 begann ich offiziell als Berater und Experte für Digital Communities zu arbeiten.


My story

In 2013, I found myself in a job that I disliked and a life that made me unhappy. I didn’t know what I could do to change my current life situation, the job market was meager. So, I did what every normal person would do (or not) – I signed up for a marathon relay. As an overweight non-runner I was not the particular target group for a marathon relay in my home country Germany. 

I did not find a lot of information that could help me and there was no support for me in the existing running communities. That all changed the day I found a trailer to the documentary “From Fat to Finish Line”. The movie was not released yet so I’ve send a message to the Facebook page, asking for help and support. Little did I know that I wasn’t the only one. The page received tons of messages every day. The producers of the documentary decided to open a Facebook group that I became an integral part of. Almost exactly a year after finding FFTFL and after successfully finishing my first race I left the job that was toxic to me. Without something new waiting for me, I decided to fulfill one of my biggest dreams and go on a self-finding trip through the USA. I traveled through 23 states in 3 months and I only stayed with members of the FFTFL community. Early on I decided to blog about this trip to keep my family and friends up to date with what I was doing and to tell my story of how I was trying to find myself. And thus, the Runaway Redhead was born. 

Not only did I continue running but I also built From Fat to Finish Line – the business behind the community – with my fellow female founders. I took over managing the community and it soon became obvious that I found my calling. Which in the end brought me right here. Now I am not only spreading the word and working on my mission to raise awareness for communities but I am also helping businesses, startups and people to build new brand communities.


When it comes to my work, I can say from the bottom of the heart, that I do it all very passionately. I am a restless person that loves to take new opportunities and never scare away from projects. Spreading the word and bringing awareness to the importance of Community Building is my true passion. Next to helping businesses and startups to incorporate community into their own brands, I am also working on several projects and with different companies. Learn more about my work and the companies behind it below.

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From Fat to Finish Line is the leading community for overweight runners and is based on the same-named documentary on Amazon Prime and iTunes. What started as a group of like-minded people turned into a movement. In 2016 my fellow female founder and me built the startup behind the community and I took over managing the tribe. From Fat to Finish Line offers accountability, specialized training plans, fun-filled events, member discounts, and gear designed to get our tribe to their finish line goals and beyond.


Setlog is a Tech Company that develops Supply Chain Management and Vendor Compliance Software. The software OSCA® enables companies to network with their customers, suppliers and service providers in order to accelerate processes and efficiently manage and coordinate their supply chains. In 2017 I started working for Setlog and built their Marketing department as well as developed their Employer Branding. As part of the Marketing Strategy we mainly focused on building the digital presence of Setlog.


Digital Innovation Ruhr is a Meetup community with monthly events that I, as part of the organization team, built since 2017. With the event series, we have created a platform where we can bring experts from the field of IT, Marketing and Startup together with an inquisitive audience and promote a lively exchange. We make buzzwords like Growth Hacking, Docker, Algorithms, AI, Lead Generation and Co. more tangible by giving our audience the opportunity to network with others and to learn directly from the hands-on mentality of the “makers” .